Weezer ‘Ok Human’. An NFT Review.

Pat Lewis
4 min readMay 20, 2021


The different cards available in the sell out drop from Rarez and Weezer.

Back in April, Australian based creative agency Rarez teamed up with American rock band Weezer to drop an awesome line of NFTs: Unique, one of a kind digital artworks to celebrate the bands fourteenth studio album titled ‘Ok Human’.

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After the huge success Rarez has had with previous NFT drops, both fans of Weezer and NFT collectors alike were very interested to see what was in store. And while this was definitely not the first rodeo for Rarez, it was the first step into the world of NFTs for Weezer, so it was a particularly exciting project. After plenty of buzz in the community, fans and collectors scrambled to get their hands on a pack of the rare Weezer artworks, packed up like old school trading cards, with every pack selling out within just thirty minutes of going on sale!

Project Origins, Design & Specifications:

It was decided that ‘Ok Human’, Weezers fourteenth studio album released on Crush Music and Atlantic Records, would be the perfect time to release a line of NFTs. Featuring a thirty eight piece orchestra, the ‘baroque-pop’ album was recorded using nothing but analogue gear; something of a mammoth task in todays digital age. It was a little curious to some that Weezer decided to use ‘Ok Human’, an album that so openly rejects modern technology, to release a line of NFTs - but I digress.

The albums intricate cover art illustrated by Mattias Adolfsson, would be used to create over forty separate pieces of art, each named after a song on the album. Like previous Rarez projects, the NFTs each had different properties to them to make them unique; with different rarities as well. The ‘common’ cards might have a relatively simple illustration while the rarer cards have more intricate details, colours and animation. The rarest of the set was a golden Weezer card, glistening as it turned; a spectacular piece for any NFT collector. Those who managed to get one of these extra rare cards also received a bespoke toy created by ‘Death By Toys’, a one-man action figure shop in Dan Polydoris. Dan specialises in creating handmade, limited edition collectibles and was brought onto the ‘Ok Human’ project to hand craft collectible Weezer toys to be sold alongside the album.

The rarest card of the drop, the golden Weezer NFT.

NFTs that have a real world redeemable item attached to them like this; a tangible value, will be the most successful and in my opinion is one of the most crucial factors to widespread adoption into the culture. Whether they’re something simple like a handmade toy, or as we saw with Kings of Leon: front row tickets to certain holders of rare NFTs, it doesn’t particularly matter provided that they’re providing value.

Online Excitement, Audience Reaction & Sale Day:

There was a lot of excitement online surrounding the project. Weezer fans were very excited about owning a Weezer NFT, with thousands of new users creating their NFT wallet specially for the sale. There were some people who didn’t share their excitement however. A small but vocal minority did flood the Twitter sphere, citing negative environmental impacts as their core frustration. The Weezer NFTs were released on the Wax blockchain, which is significantly less impactful than the Ethereum blockchain, the blockchain of choice for most NFTs. That’s why the Wax chain has become the platform of choice for so many large brands and artists looking to get into the space and most of Weezers’ fans and prospective buyers understood this. As it’s such new technology, you can forgive people for not knowing what they’re talking about.

There Was Plenty of Debate Online Surrounding The Project. Sanity Prevailed.

For now, we won’t go too much into it.

There was so much buzz around the project that on the day of the sale, the payment gateways became clogged with people desperate to buy their Weezer NFT; forcing technical errors during the point of sale. This did result in some issues with payments going through, people not receiving their packs or refunds being issued. The anticipation and interest surrounding the project was clearly underestimated, which should be something of a compliment to Weezer and to Rarez: clearly they’re doing it right. With that said Rarez and Wax are both intent on smoothing out any of these technical issues as they prepare for more large scale projects in the near future.

Those who did miss out were still able to buy a pack on a second buyers marketplace, which at the time of writing you can still do.

Final Thoughts:

Overall the project was a huge success in my opinion. Technical issues aside on the sale day, the overwhelming interest in the drop was a big win for Weezer and Rarez. The project was well thought out and the illustrations were beautiful. Coupling it with a bespoke toy from ‘Death By Toys’ was a really nice touch as well and will hopefully set the standard for future NFT collaborations in future.

For Rarez, Weezer and the future of the technology, it’s a massive win.